Mother's Day Trends Worldwide: Good Traffic Or Not?

What Were They Searching For?As early as May 12, netizens worldwide would start searching for —

Mother's DayWhen is Mother's DayMother's Day greetings or messagesMother's Day cards, pictures, or imagesMother's Day quotes or phrases
Would Your Write About Mother's Day To Drive Traffic To Your Site?Why not! Though this is seasonal that happens only once a year, it's still good to have at least one article about Mother's Day. Considering the volume of searches that happens once a year, from 2000 to 2 million, you could be lucky to drive traffic to your site. Percentage of searches to population is not significant here. It is the number that counts. Five percent of 10.0 million Internet users is as good as 50% of 1.0 million Internet users.

So, as early as April, start writing about Mother's Day. Take a look at what netizens had search for. Year after year, update your article. If your article had become lengthy, divide it into two articles.
But Wait!You h…

Golden State Warriors Trending

The following is not a news article about Golden State Warriors. It is merely an observation from a blogger's perspective for bloggers who are interested in blogging about sports.

First, here's a cool animation how the NBA teams trended over the year courtesy of Google Trends. It uses JavaScript. If your JavaScript is off, you won't be able to view the animation.

Why is Golden State Warriors Trending?
Photo Credits: By Unknown - Sport Magazine Archives, Public Domain, Link

Golden State Warriors is in the NBA Conference finals this season May 2017. That's the reason why Golden State Warriors is trending. Netizens usually search for its game schedule, roster, and score. They are also interested in its record, tickets, logo, and its next game.

Google knows what you're looking for. If you simply search for golden state warriors, Google will deliver to you the things you are most interested in such as results of the game, scores, schedule of the next games, and even ticke…

McDonald's Philippines Newest Campaign Featuring #ALDUB

McDonald's Philippines newest ad campaign again features Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza of the #ALDUB phenomenon. The campaign is tagged Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko #AldubKoTo with music of the same title Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko composed by Rey Valera for Sharon Cuneta in 1977. The song turned gold that year.

It's been 9 months since McDonald's Philippines stepped up Ronald McDonald's big shoe to create an ad campaign based on the #ALDUB phenomenon. In its first campaign Aldub Ko 'To and Papa Na Kita #AldubKoTo, the latter has received more than 5 million views to this day. The campaign featured McDonald's Chicken ala King, which became a bestseller during the period in Sept 2015. The success of the McDonald's ad campaign paved-way to other successful ad campaigns — from bleach to sardines, milk to softdrinks, toothpaste to chocolate, insurance to bank, text to smartphone, fabcon to detergent, cookies to hotdog, shampoo to feminine hygiene, from co…

Alden and Maine's TVC for Coke Trended After Just A Day

After just a day, the newest Coca Cola commercial featuring #ALDUB Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, has received more than 400,000 views on YouTube. The Coca Cola TVC entitled Pasarapin Ang Moment Ngayong Pasko With Alden And Maine was released yesterday, 11 December 2015, on Coca Cola's YouTube Channel.

God Gave Me You by Bryan White

The lyric version of God Gave Me You has been viewed more than 20.2 million times on YouTube since the #ALDUB phenomenon hit the world by surprise. This video was uploaded by the user in July 2011. Only in November 2015 that Bryan White uploaded on his YouTube Channel BryanWhiteOfficial his rightful own version.

This is Bryan White's original rendition made in 2015. The video shows a flash sign with the hashtags #AldubNation, #AldubYou, and #GGMY written in it.

McDonald's Philippines #ALDUB Campaign Is Most Viewed Commercial

#ALDUBHappyBdayLola McDonald's TV commercial "Papa Na Kita #ALDUBKoTo" featuring the #ALDUB fictional love story between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, aka Yaya Dub and Dubsmash queen, has been viewed 4.9 million times to this date, in just a period of 19 days. This is so far the most viewed among McDonald's commercials on YouTube.

The #AlDub McDo campaign TV commercial surpassed the record set by "Jessy Mendiola Surprises Teng Brothers" for McSpicy brand published in November 2013. This commercial is already 2 years old (and was not shown on TV?). Coming third is "Brilliant Machine Delivers Hot Meal" for the McDonald's app campaign with 1.7 million views published in March 2015. And, coming fourth is "My Father's Day Wish: #LikePapa," Featuring Niño Muhlach and his son, with 1 million views since it was published in June 2015.

ALDUB Nation via Eat Bulaga Made History

Eat Bulaga's Sa Tamang Panahon Concert at the Philippine Arena made history. The arena with 55000 seats capacity was filled with #ALDUB fans and #EatBulaga followers. Eat Bulaga aired the event for more than 2 hours, via GMA Network, with no commercial interruption. The event which was able to raise more than 40 million pesos will be used to build libraries across the Philippines.

On Twitter, the #ALDUB fandom, made history by creating 39.5 million tweets the entire day with the hashtag #ALDubEBTamangPanahon, breaking all records on Twitter.

The #ALDUB phenomenon refers to the unplanned-just-happened love team on TV between Alden Richards, an actor and GMA Network's home-grown talent, and Maine Mendoza, aka Yaya Dub, who is more popular on the Net via her comedic dubsmash hits. Their segment called KalyeSerye (Eng sitcom live on the streets) is aired everyday Monday to Saturday via the noontime program Eat Bulaga. The comedic series also features 3 grannys of Yaya Dub namely L…