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Mother's Day Trends Worldwide: Good Traffic Or Not?

What Were They Searching For?As early as May 12, netizens worldwide would start searching for —

Mother's DayWhen is Mother's DayMother's Day greetings or messagesMother's Day cards, pictures, or imagesMother's Day quotes or phrases
Would Your Write About Mother's Day To Drive Traffic To Your Site?Why not! Though this is seasonal that happens only once a year, it's still good to have at least one article about Mother's Day. Considering the volume of searches that happens once a year, from 2000 to 2 million, you could be lucky to drive traffic to your site. Percentage of searches to population is not significant here. It is the number that counts. Five percent of 10.0 million Internet users is as good as 50% of 1.0 million Internet users.

So, as early as April, start writing about Mother's Day. Take a look at what netizens had search for. Year after year, update your article. If your article had become lengthy, divide it into two articles.
But Wait!You h…

Golden State Warriors Trending

The following is not a news article about Golden State Warriors. It is merely an observation from a blogger's perspective for bloggers who are interested in blogging about sports.

First, here's a cool animation how the NBA teams trended over the year courtesy of Google Trends. It uses JavaScript. If your JavaScript is off, you won't be able to view the animation.

Why is Golden State Warriors Trending?
Photo Credits: By Unknown - Sport Magazine Archives, Public Domain, Link

Golden State Warriors is in the NBA Conference finals this season May 2017. That's the reason why Golden State Warriors is trending. Netizens usually search for its game schedule, roster, and score. They are also interested in its record, tickets, logo, and its next game.

Google knows what you're looking for. If you simply search for golden state warriors, Google will deliver to you the things you are most interested in such as results of the game, scores, schedule of the next games, and even ticke…