Golden State Warriors Trending

The following is not a news article about Golden State Warriors. It is merely an observation from a blogger's perspective for bloggers who are interested in blogging about sports.

First, here's a cool animation how the NBA teams trended over the year courtesy of Google Trends. It uses JavaScript. If your JavaScript is off, you won't be able to view the animation.

Why is Golden State Warriors Trending?

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Photo Credits: By Unknown - Sport Magazine Archives, Public Domain, Link

Golden State Warriors is in the NBA Conference finals this season May 2017. That's the reason why Golden State Warriors is trending. Netizens usually search for its game schedule, roster, and score. They are also interested in its record, tickets, logo, and its next game.

Google knows what you're looking for. If you simply search for golden state warriors, Google will deliver to you the things you are most interested in such as results of the game, scores, schedule of the next games, and even tickets. If you're interested about Golden State Warriors history and its roster, Google displays side by side on the same results page these information from Wikipedia.

If news is what you are interested in, the top stories are presented to you on the same SERP; followed by the Warrior's official Twitter and Facebook accounts and YouTube channel.

Google's SERP in itself is a web page that is already complete in information that online people commonly look for.

Which States Are More Interested In Which NBA Teams

Here's a graphic presentation, courtesy of Google Trends, of interests in which NBA team by state. It requires JavaScript.

The West are more interested in Golden State Warriors. Three states from the South are more interested in San Antonio Spurs. The rest of the states are interested in Boston Celtics.

Why Not Write About Golden State Warriors

There are about 57.4 million web pages written related to golden state warriors. About half of it (25.7 million) are most likely talking about Golden State Warriors as the NBA basketball team. Netizens talked more about Golden State Warriors last year than this year.

If you are going to start a blog dedicated to Golden State Warriors, do not target the worldwide audience because most likely, your blog won't even appear in the first 100 Google SERPs. You cannot compete with web giants like NBA, ESPN, and the other sports sites. Instead, target your local audience and be different.

Thinking of writing about Boston Celtics? If you're in US, why not? Love the challenge of putting your page on top. On the other hand, why not write about the teams that had not been much widely searched? Perhaps, there is more chance that you might see your web page on top.

What Your Sports Blog Should Be To Drive Traffic

You may have two aims to blogging about sports: your personal interest in sports, and to make money online. Whichever your aim is, your site needs traffic. You may love sports, basketball, or a specific NBA team. If you love writing about them, just go ahead. On the other side of the coin, be strategic. Find creative ways on how to drive traffic to your site if you want to monetise your site, even if you have to talk about the NBA team that you don't like.

  1. If you're into sports, forget writing about news as your principal content. Instead, based on the news or game results, add a commentary, and maybe some predictions.
  2. Include other NBA teams. You may write about each team and its roster but only for the sake of filling up your blog with contents.
  3. Include local sports as well.
  4. Get involved. Watch the game, video it and upload it on your YouTube channel.
  5. Sell design arts related to sports for t-shirts and other merchandise.
  6. Write in your own language.
  7. Connect with your followers through social media sites.

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