Mother's Day Trends Worldwide: Good Traffic Or Not?

What Were They Searching For?

As early as May 12, netizens worldwide would start searching for —

  • Mother's Day
  • When is Mother's Day
  • Mother's Day greetings or messages
  • Mother's Day cards, pictures, or images
  • Mother's Day quotes or phrases

Would Your Write About Mother's Day To Drive Traffic To Your Site?

Why not! Though this is seasonal that happens only once a year, it's still good to have at least one article about Mother's Day. Considering the volume of searches that happens once a year, from 2000 to 2 million, you could be lucky to drive traffic to your site. Percentage of searches to population is not significant here. It is the number that counts. Five percent of 10.0 million Internet users is as good as 50% of 1.0 million Internet users.

So, as early as April, start writing about Mother's Day. Take a look at what netizens had search for. Year after year, update your article. If your article had become lengthy, divide it into two articles.

But Wait!

You have to do some research first whether your fellow countrymen are interested in Mother's Day. What's the recorded number of searches in your country? One hundred, one thousand or one million? Would you write for a hundred interested people?

Maybe. Netizens near your country may be interested in Mother's Day. You have the advantage if you write in your own language. If you're writing in English, you will be competing against giant sites in USA.

Global Search Interest In Mother's Day

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Countries Where Mother's Day Is So Popular

Not everyone in the world is interested in Mother's Day. In countries where Mother's Day is celebrated commercially or otherwise, as early as May 12, people of the Net would start searching for Mother's Day greetings, cards, quotes, and images – thinking ahead of the holiday, preparing to greet and treat their mothers. Creative netizens searched for images and phrases, perhaps, preparing e-cards or web cards that they would share through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.


On May 12, America searched for Mother's Day 2.0 million times. On May 13, a record of 10.8 million searches. On the day itself, May 14, 3.3 million searches.


Brasileiros e brasileiras had been googling Dia das Mães as early as May 12. Netizens of Brazil didn't stop searching until they have reached 6.44 million searches. If you want to target this audience, you have to write your article in Portuguese.

Happy Mother's Day in Portuguese is Feliz Dia das Mães.


Likewise, netizens of Colombia had been busy searching for diá de la madre phrases and cards as early as May 12. For 3 days, until May 14, the web in Colombia had been busy searching for "mother's day," 1.45 million searches all in all. Colombianos y colombianas must be very mother-loving children.

Happy Mother's Day in Spanish is Feliz Diá de la Madre.


As early as May 12, netizens in the Philippines had been searching the Web for "mother's day," registering more than 100,000 searches. On May 13, more than 570,000 searches related to "mother's day" registered on Google Trends. On Mother's Day, the day itself, there were 41000 searches.


Chile showed 545000 interests for día de la madre.

Other Countries

Australia searched for Mother's Day 682000 times. South Africa searched for Mother's Day 476000 times. United Kingdom searched for it 470000 times. Russia searched for день матери 200000 times.

Indonesia recorded only 10000 searches. The searched term was in English, not in Bahasa. So, if you're a blogger in Indonesia writing in English, then you have the full advantage.

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